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Monday, February 27, 2006

Goodbye Olympics!

Well, the winter olympics are over. What a great 2 weeks! I don't think I've ever watched as much TV as I have in the past two weeks... the olympics took precedence over a variety of things in my life, including sleep, working out, and school. Of course, I can justify because they only come around every 4 years, and the winter olympics are probably my favorite sporting event there is - by a lot - and that's saying a lot for a guy rather into sports such as myself. Yes, I even like them better than VT Football. All in all I saw:

- Virtually all of Alpine Skiing
- Virtually all of Speed Skating
- Virtually all of Short Track
- Most of Figure Skating (even though I don't like it much)
- Quite a bit of Nordic events (including men's combined, quite a bit of ski jumping, and a decent bit of cross country skiing)
- A lot of Biathlon (this may just be my new favorite olympic sport - it rocks!)
- Most of Luge, Bobsled, Skeleton etc.
- Some Freestyle Skiing
- Most of Snowboarding
- 4 Hockey games (USA vs. Sweden; Sweden vs. Switzerland; Czech Republic vs. Russia (Bronze Game); Sweden vs. Finland (Gold Game)).

So I guess the only thing I didn't see is much curling... but I've got the women's gold medal game DVRed, so who knows, maybe one day when I'm bored I'll check it out.

Now that I've got from 4-6 extra free hours a day, maybe I can get some school work done! :P.

Note: Image courtesy of Davide Cerboneschi, from Torino2006.com.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Moving to Blacksburg!

I think I've told most of you this but for those I haven't...  I'm moving back to the burg!  I took a job in Christiansburg with the attorney I worked for last summer.  I will start on October 2.  I got the job offer in early February, but I had some reservations about it.  I called him up last Monday though, and we got everything ironed out, so I went for it.  I'm pretty stoked about it - moving back to Blacksburg has been my goal since I started law school, and the fact its actually come about it pretty awesome!

So now, my priority is finding a roomie.  If any of you know someone who is looking for a roommate next fall, let me know!  I'm looking for a male who is clean, not too much of a party animal, and reasonably quiet.  Also, no live in girlfriends or live-in on weekend girlfriends.  Visits for weekends, etc, now and then are fine, but I don't want a semi-permanent non-paying roommate!  Students are fine by me, though I may be going for a slightly nicer/pricier place than some students want to pay for.  Anyway, if you know anyone... hit me up!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Getting my act together...

Yeah, the title says it. I need to get my act together! I need to start posting on a blog again - to say I've been slacking is the understatement of the century. I haven't posted on my old blog since early December. Pathetic!

I need to get my ass back in the gym too. I went precisely 0 times last week, and once so far this week. I should be going 3 times a week, minimum. At least I've gotten back into biking though, so its not all bad. I'm not really losing any muscle but maintaining isn't my goal. You don't get bigger and stronger lifting once a week. This whole year has been spotty for me and I'm sick of it. I've been letting school and lack of sleep get in the way of time at the gym - neither is an acceptable excuse. I've got to pull it together and do what I want to do - lifting's just too important to me to continue to let it slide.

Finally, I need to get my school work back together. I've been slacking bad with my reading. Sure, I'm not missing any classes, and I'm fairly on top of the material, but I've been blowing off reading and in general not been quite as prepared as I usually am. I guess a little of that is normal your last semester, but I've taken it a little too far. I've just got ZERO motivation, and when the Olympics have subjected you to 4+ hours of TV a day it doesn't make it easy!

So, how do I plan to pull it together? Well, this new blog addresses the first issue. Think of it as a fresh start. Hopefully I'll keep up with it this time. For my fitness goals, well, I've got a new program planned. I'll be lifting heavy 3x a week, running once a week and mountain biking once a week. I'd like to add a light lifting day for 4 lifting days total, but we'll see how it goes time wise. With school work, the Olympics are almost over and spring break starts March 3. I think a week off to rest will do me some good - hopefully I'll come back and be ready to get back on the ball.

Now you know what's going on with me.. pretty boring huh? :). That's all for now, I'm out!