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Monday, February 27, 2006

Goodbye Olympics!

Well, the winter olympics are over. What a great 2 weeks! I don't think I've ever watched as much TV as I have in the past two weeks... the olympics took precedence over a variety of things in my life, including sleep, working out, and school. Of course, I can justify because they only come around every 4 years, and the winter olympics are probably my favorite sporting event there is - by a lot - and that's saying a lot for a guy rather into sports such as myself. Yes, I even like them better than VT Football. All in all I saw:

- Virtually all of Alpine Skiing
- Virtually all of Speed Skating
- Virtually all of Short Track
- Most of Figure Skating (even though I don't like it much)
- Quite a bit of Nordic events (including men's combined, quite a bit of ski jumping, and a decent bit of cross country skiing)
- A lot of Biathlon (this may just be my new favorite olympic sport - it rocks!)
- Most of Luge, Bobsled, Skeleton etc.
- Some Freestyle Skiing
- Most of Snowboarding
- 4 Hockey games (USA vs. Sweden; Sweden vs. Switzerland; Czech Republic vs. Russia (Bronze Game); Sweden vs. Finland (Gold Game)).

So I guess the only thing I didn't see is much curling... but I've got the women's gold medal game DVRed, so who knows, maybe one day when I'm bored I'll check it out.

Now that I've got from 4-6 extra free hours a day, maybe I can get some school work done! :P.

Note: Image courtesy of Davide Cerboneschi, from Torino2006.com.


At 8:11 AM, Blogger goodbye said...

Oh, you seemed to like the ice dancing. ;)

Bring on Vancouver 2010!


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