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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Spring Break!!

Yay!  Spring Break has officially begun.  I have very lofty plans for the break.  First and foremost, I plan to sleep a lot.  These 8:30 classes are absolutely killing me.  On a very very good day, I get 6 hours of sleep, often less than that.  This leaves me dead, and I end up taking long naps after class in the early afternoon.  While I get by like this, it definitely leaves me drained.  Thus, I slept 11 hours last night, and wouldn't be surprised if I have a repeat performance the next few days.. the batteries are definitely low.  Lofty plan #2 is to spend some time in the gym.  This will hopefully get me back on track with my lifting.  Thirdly, I plan to spend some time with friends, hopefully starting with Steve's party tomorrow.  Fourth, I need to get a little work done - a little bit of reading, plus get some outlining done for my Virginia Civil Procedure class.  Fifth, I MAY try to get some skiing in Sunday or one day this week.. this is rather unlikely, but its a possibility.  Finally, I'm going to just chill out and play some games.

Yeah, nothing very exciting is it?  I told you my life was boring! :-P

PS:  If you have time to hang out this week hit me up on IM. 


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