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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Big Bad Test is Dead

School continues to wind down.  Yesterday I had what was in all probability the most difficult to study for final I've had in all my school days - Virginia Civil Procedure.  Immediately after the exhileration of being done with my last class, I had to begin studying.  I studied some each of the 4 days leading up to the final, and had to pull a near all nighter on Monday night to get through the last bits of material.  And that was the problem - SO much material, and a closed book test.

In an average law school class, I have 40-50 pages of notes (hand written, front and back counting as 1 page).  Further, a lot of it is intense detail, so the notes "compress" well when I sit down to outline.  Here, I had 90-100 pages of notes and very little of it compressed.  By the time I was done outlining, I had 47 typed pages, and I even skipped a section because the prof had handed out an outline of sorts for it!

So then came the test.  Designed to be doable in 3 hours, but he gave us 6 for good measure.  I got it home, and finished it in about 1hr 45mins!  I took a brief nap, got up, looked at it again, and spent another 30-45 min on it polishing it up and adding some stuff to my answers.  It wasn't bad at all - but I think its because I put the time in studying.  Its the sort of material that is not difficult - there are no real "tricky issues" or anythin else - its very straightforward.  There's just a TON of it.  So you either know it or you don't.. and for the most part, I knew it.  I'm pretty sure I got an A or B on it, and I'm certain I passed it.  So I am *very* pleased.  Now all thats left is about 2-4 hours of edits on my paper, and two more MUCH EASIER TO STUDY FOR finals.  Then I'm outta here, and off to the city by the bay :).


At 11:49 AM, Anonymous pablopk said...


Congrats on finishing law school. As you know the worst has just begun. Sadly, in spite of being three years removed fom law school, I will soon be in the same boat.

In light of this, I would be interested in talking to you about getting a copy of your apparently comprehensive VA Civ Pro Outline. I am a GA attorney who is preparing for the VA Bar. The materials I have on VA Civ Pro are not as complete as I would desire, especially since VA Civ Pro is bizarre, in many regards. Since I went to law school in GA, I now find myself at a distinct disadvantage; at least as far as this area of the Bar is concerned.

I would of course be willing to compensate you for your intellectual property. At least a little beer money.

If you are interested let me know at pablopk@yahoo.com. Regradless, touch base. Bar review is a bear nad having gone through it before I could probably share some pearls of wisdom, or in the very least give you some pointers about how to maintain your sanity when mid July hits.


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