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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The end is near

That's right folks, the end is near. No, not the end of the world... the end of law school! I can hardly wait. As some of you know I have been slaving the past few weeks on a very long paper on police excessive force - 25 pages to be precise. This past Friday (April 7, coincidentally, my birthday), I spent from about 4pm to 10pm in the library working on the paper, and managed to finish it up. Not the way you hope to spend your bday, but regardless, this is a huge relief - that paper was probably the biggest thing I had to do for the semester. It is of course just a first draft, which the professor will comment on - the final draft is due May 1 - but I expect any necessary changes to be fairly minimal and quick. The hard part was getting the main stuff down on paper. So with that thing out of the way, I've got a week and a half of class left (next week is the last week of classes), then finals. I'll officially be done with law school on May 4. This brings me to summer plans :D.

May 6 - 12, my mom and I will be in San Francisco - sort of a "hey you're done!" trip. I'll be back in Williamsburg May 13-15 for graduation festivities on May 14. Then I'll probably be up in NOVA for about a week or so, before I return to Williamsburg to begin my bar exam prep course on May 24. That will go through mid-July. In late July, I'll head to Roanoke to take the bar exam. I'll proceed to move my junk to a storage unit in Blacksburg, and then have all of August to myself up in NOVA (maybe a road trip is in order?). Looks like I'll probably move in to my apt over labor day weekend. Then of course Sept 9 is Kim's wedding. We may go to Hatteras for two weeks immediately following that (and Ryan will hopefully be able to join us!). After that, its back to Blacksburg to settle in and start work on October 2. So, yeah, definitely have a busy few months ahead of me, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also planning to spend a LOT of time in the gym once I'm done with finals - between classes and this paper, I've been out of the gym for a long time, so I need to get back on track. I'd like to be lifting 4 days a week anyway, so I figure summer's a good time to start. During the bar prep, I honestly think most of my time during the week will be spent studying, lifting, and sleeping - but overall I'm looking forward to it - its at least a change of pace from school. And I love pumping iron anyway, so its all good! :). I was thinking of maybe finding time for a little summer fling, but I think I'll keep dating on hold till I'm done with the bar. Between studying and the gym, I just don't see how I'll have time, much as I might like to jump the gun. :-P

So, there it is - the next 6 months of my life are pretty well planned out. All I care about now though, is getting the heck out of law school... that's gotta be one of the best feelings, well, ever.

PS: If you are interested in coming to my graduation, it is on Sunday May 14. Its roughly the same format as Tech's - a university wide ceremony at 12 where the degree is conferred, followed by a law school only ceremony at 3:30 where I get my diploma. We don't have extra tickets for the university wide ceremony, but the law school one is open to all (and its the more important one anyway). Ex-Justice Sandra Day O'Connor will be the speaker at the law school ceremony. So yeah, if you want to come, let me know and I'll get you the details (DO NOT feel obligated though, I'm not expecting anyone other than family, so this is purely an if you want to thing). As for places to stay, depending on how many (if any =P) want to come, the guys at least can probably crash at my place.

That's it for now.. I'm out!


At 2:23 PM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Good luck with the end of your school year!

At 7:31 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Thanks dude. It shouldn't be too bad I don't think. I've got one hideous final on the first day (April 25) but if I can get through that okay, the other two finals aren't bad so the rest should be all downhill.


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